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The Photovoice Process in Stress-Induced Depression: How Giving a Voice to the Unheard through Pictures May * Reduce Stress
Student: Adedayo Oluwaseun Okubadejo

Determining the Efficacy of Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Children and Adolescents Diagnosed with ADHD
Student: Alexandra Caroline Vance

Conventionally Unconventional: Learning about Words I Already Learned About

Student: Anastasia Blank

Differences in Playboy Magazine Advertisements from 1960 to 2010: Gender-Role Stereotype and Routes to Persuasion
Student: Anna Sofia Levenshus

When Time Drags On: Does Anger Experience Enhance Time Perception Distortion?
Student: Dennis L. Zhou

The Moderating Effect of Siblings on the Relationship between Theory of Mind and Executive Function in * Preschool Children
Student: Diandra Lora Kalish

Contrasting Stigma: Negative Implicit Attitudes and Attributions about Depression Relative to ADHD
Student: Douglas James Gazarian

Destruction in Disguise? Examining Relationships between Eating Disorders and Vegetarian and Vegan Diets
Student: Emily Caroline Walsh

The Potential Exacerbation and Earlier Onset of Bipolar Disorder in an At-Risk Child Population Due to Methylphenidate Treatment
Student: Gregory Alexandrovich Rudensky

The Role of Cultural Differences as an Anchor in Social Judgment Tasks: Can Cultural Background Shape Our Belief in Free Will? an empirical study comparing social judgment in Americans and Eastern Europeans
Student: Greta Petkova Tsolova

Do You Really Want Another Slice? Overeaters' Implicit and Explicit Food Preferences
Student: Laura Ama Ovadia

Stereotype Threat Spillover in New Group Formation amongst Individuals of High and Low Socioeconomic Status, an experiment exploring how being reminded of one's membership in a stereotyped socioeconomic group may affect one's ability to form new social ties
Student: Marie Renee Flowers

Talking about the Mind: Mental-State Language and Theory of Mind Performance in Preschoolers
Student: Mayer Brownlee Andersen

Combating Pediatric Obesity with a Universal Intervention for Elementary School Age Children: A Tailored Program for Hinds County, Mississippi, a review of the pediatric obesity epidemic and a proposed intervention for three elementary schools

Student: Nicole Marie Haaser

Cultural Perspectives and Aesthetic Preference: Comparing the Framing in Photography between East Asians and Americans
Student: Qin Qin

Theory of Mind as Empathy: Cognitive and Affective Empathic Deficits Counterbalanced in Autism Spectrum * Disorders and Antisocial Personality Disorder, a clinical, neurological, and developmental insight into empathic deficits with an emphasis on literature review and grant proposal methods
Student: Rebecca Ana Bell-Gurwitz

Psychobiological Influence of Estrogen on the Serotonin System in Anorexia Nervosa: A Grant Proposal for Treatment Effects
Student: Rose Lauren Siuta

Fingerprints of Nature: The Effect of Fractal Geometry on Emotion, Cognition, and Creativity
Student: Shinnosuke Seto

Neurofeedback as a Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury, an investigation of the use of neurofeedback in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries among the patients of the Northeast Center for Special Care in Lake Katrine, New York
Student: Una Radovanovic

Follow Your Heart, a study of Chinese urban post-1980 mothers' expectations for their children
Student: Wenjie Chen


The Psychosocial Determinants of Decision Making in Women's Health
Student: Sara Elizabeth Abramowitz 

"Rationalize the Pleasure in the Suffering of Others: from Schadenfreude to Dehumanization," exploring the role of schadenfreude in intergroup conflicts and the potential psychological consequences of experiencing this malicious pleasure

Student: Mengyao Li

"Coherence of Mind and Body: Sensorimotor Representation as a Cognitive Basis for Language Processing," an investigation of embodied language, with ERP experiment proposal and pilot study of an N400 effect for incongruous motor representations

Student: Lindsey Marie Casal-Roscum

(Dis)order in the Court: Gender and Jurors' Decisions about Mentally Ill Offenders of Filicide
Student: Meghan Anne Brady

"A Homegirl's Turf: From Broken Bonds to Gang Banging," a study of female gang members

Student: Katherine Paola Garzon

"A Language of Hope: An Empirical Investigation of President Obama's Rhetoric throughout his Political Career," an analysis of President Obama's language style as a factor of various thematic topics
Student: Miles Barnaby Conant

"Bodies under Siege: Women, Eating Disorders, and Self-Injurious Behavior," an examination of women waging war against their own bodies
Student: Emily Margaret Payton

Climb into His Skin and Walk Around in It: How Cognitive and Emotional Empathy Lead to Sympathy, Moral Reasoning, and Prosocial Behavior
Student: Julia Susanna Gittes

"Conflict Minerals: The Influence of Social Surveillance on Prosocial Consumption Behavior," an investigation of consumer behavior and social surveillance, using conflict-mineral components in cell phones as the ethically controversial good

Student: Nicholas Brian Chan

"Cultural Meaning-Making: The Definition, Experience, and Treatment of Social Anxiety in Japan," a case study of the Japanese culture-bound syndrome taijin kyofusho
Student: Barbara Richmond Haupt

Do Only Children in Urban China Experience More Stress in Adulthood than Adults with Siblings?
Student: Yue Sun

"How at Home Are You? Acculturation in Highly Selective Colleges," an examination of whether community involvement of Hispanic/Latino students facilitates institutional identification, which in turn helps the academic achievement of Latino students

Student: Kandra Georgette Knowles

Perceptions Matter: An Experimental Proposal on the Negative Stereotypes of Developing Nations
Student: Stephanie Kristina Barrett

Save James, But Ditch Jamal! Automatic Moral Judgments in the Consideration of Race
Student: Jin Xun Goh

Seeing More Than We Can Know: Photo Sharing and Culture
Student: Jacob Hartog

Striving to Thrive: Utilizing Teachers as a Protective Factor for Promoting Academic Resilience in Low Socioeconomic Elementary School Children
Student: Renee Elizabeth Becerra

The Diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Clients with Comorbid Intellectual Disability: Challenges and a Proposal for a Better Diagnosis

Student: Chloe Therese Stergides

The Eternal Reoccurrence of Two Reference Groups and How They Moderate Bipartisanship in the House of Representatives
Student: Emiliana Ulaj

The Evolution of Coalition Detection and Wariness of Outgroups
Student: Ian Weiss

The Expressive Writing Paradigm: Theory and Clinical Applications for First Onset of Major Depression
Student: Amanda Michelle Kaufmann

The Glutamate Hypothesis of Schizophrenia: Assessment of the Motor Effects of a Novel Antipsychotic in Zebrafish Larvae
Student: William Nicholas Vitale 

The Impact of PTSD on Veterans' Family Relationships: Mechanisms of Distress and Available Treatments
Student: Adam Douglas Lamotte

"The Psychology of Sadomasochism," a study of the messages and benefits we can derive from SM
Student: Sasha Hayley Grossman

"This Won't Hurt a Bit: The Influence of Self-Efficacy and Expectation on Pain Tolerance," a psychological study

Student: Olivia Nicole Molineaux

"Tweet Your Anxiety Away: Social Media as an Aid in the Treatment of Social Anxiety"

Student: Samantha Isabelle Baca Godoy