Human Brain Chart

Academic Programs

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Introductory Courses

PSYCH 121: History and Systems in Psychology
PSYCH 122: Psychology Of Women
PSYCH 123: Cultural Perspectives Of Human Development 
PSYCH 124: Child Development
PSYCH 127: Neuroscience of Everyday Life
PSYCH 131: Foundations of Mind, Brain and Behavior
PSYCH 125: Psychology of Good and Evil
PSYCH 126: Child Survival and Human Rights
PSYCH 141: Introduction to Psychological Science

Core Courses

PSYCH 203: Statistics for Psychology
PSYCH 204: Research Methods in Psychology

200-level courses

PSYCH 210: Adult Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 211: Child Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 212: Personality Psychology
PSYCH 220: Social Psychology
PSYCH 221: Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 222: Child Development
PSYCH 230: Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH 231: Neuroscience
PSYCH 232: Drugs and Human Behavior
PSYCH 241: Social Neuroscience
PSYCH 243: Human Memory
PSYCH 244: Judgment and Decision Making
PSYCH 244: Psychology of Emotion
PSYCH 245: Evolutionary Psychology
PSYCH 246: Psycholinguistics
PSYCH 251: The Man and Experiment that Shocked the World: The Work and Legacy of Stanley Milgram
PSYCH 254: Motivation
PSYCH 260: Psychology of Gender

Seminar in Cognitive Science

PSYCH 308: Seminar in Mind, Brain and Behavior

Upper College Seminars

PSYCH 317: Bad Is Stronger Than Good
PSYCH 319: Current Treatments of Psychological Disorders
PSYCH 322: Executive Control of Thought and Action
PSYCH 324: Psychophysiology: The Mind-Body Connection
PSYCH 325: Anxiety and Its Disorders
PSYCH 331: Grounded Cognition/Representation of Knowledge
PSYCH 337: Psychology of Prejudice and Stereotyping
PSYCH 345: Recent Developments in Pharmacotherapies for Mental Illness
PSYCH 347: Brain Mechanisms and Addictive Behaviors
PSYCH 352: Race and the Law: A Psychological Perspective
PSYCH 354: Causes and Consequences of Eating Disorders
PSYCH 358: Preschoolers Thinking: Cognitive Development between 2 - 5 years of Age
PSYCH 359: Comparative Cognition
PSYCH 364: Children with Autism
PSYCH 365: Sex, Brain & Behavior
PSYCH 367: Automaticity of Social Life
PSYCH 368: The Social Brain: Neuroscience of Attachment,Rejection and Social Interaction
PSYCH 391: Psychobiology of Stress and Mental Illness
PSYCH 381: Classic and Contemporary Research in Social Psychology

Advanced Methodology and Practicum

PSY CLN Clinical Psychology: Advanced Methodology
PSY COG: Cognitive Psychology: Advanced Methodology
PSY DEV: Developmental Psychology: Advanced Methodology
PSY NEU: Neuroscience: Advanced Methodology
PSY SOC: Social Psychology:Advanced Methodology