View the Program Handbook’s section on Moderation (or download the PDF). This is the document of record. Read about moderation requirements.

Download the course requirements for majoring in Psychology here.

Guidelines for Short Moderation Papers

For the Moderation Board (during the second semester of the sophomore year), the student prepares two short papers that describe his or her academic past experiences and future plans, and a longer paper that summarizes and analyzes an empirical article.

The short papers (about two or three pages each) are required for moderation across the College, and more detail can be found on the registrar’s website.

Moderation Days

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The intent of the Moderation Days are to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to evaluate an empirical paper in Psychology. This is a cohort-building experience that requires the use of acquired knowledge in one day of focused work. You will write two papers based on a psychology journal article provided by the faculty.

The first paper summarizes the rationale, hypotheses, methods, and conclusions of the article and should be no longer than three pages. It is important to make sure that the summary of the paper is in your own words. The second paper is an analysis of the article and should be no longer than seven pages. This analysis should be mainly comprised of a critique of the data, methods, and conclusions of the researchers. The analysis may also examine the relationship between the actual experimental results and the implications of the results as described in your article. You may also draw connections between the content of the article and other coursework, if relevant, and may also propose questions to be addressed in future research.

You may bring with you any notes, folders, and notebooks you wish, as well as a dictionary and paper writing manuals. You may take breaks at any time, but you should not discuss your paper with anyone other than psychology faculty. There are limits to the amount of help we can provide. For example, we will not explain statistical methods in detail, but we will direct you to resources so that you will be able to comment on the experimental results in a manner that reflects your level of understanding. Your Psychology faculty will be available throughout the day in case you have questions.

Note: Students must have completed at least one semester at Bard before sitting for moderation (i.e., transfer students may not moderate in their first semester at the Annandale campus).